Saturday, March 10, 2012

Looking forward to fun!

It’s been a busy yet crazy few weeks, Brittany getting over pneumonia and Kaylee a tonsil infection. She may have to have them out in summer but we are hoping not.  It all depends if she gets another infection by summer. Everyone including my self on the mend from a sore throat, ear infection and bronchitis.  The usual for us this time of year sadly.  But we all pulled through God willing.  I am just glad everyone is feeling better. 

We have also been working on putting together a nice party for Kaylee for her graduation. She has worked so hard this year and has come such a long way with being mainstreamed back into regular classes. We were debating with another restaurant party which are nice but decided on this after stumbling upon it.  I did her invites to look like a boarding pass and they came out great.  I got them from a website called  Expressionables.  They really did a great job on them.  

The party boat is something fun and different we never did before and I am getting great responses so far. We rented a yacht boat out of Freeport, NY that will sail for 4 hours off the coast of the South Shore of Long Island.   Even if the weather is not so great the boat is inclosed so it will still be enjoyable for everyone.  I am hopping for a nice day though.

Here is a pic of the boat. It has 3 levels and really nice inside.  Looking forward to a nice time with some great family and friends.  Now I am trying to figure out favors for the day.  

Well I am off for another dentist appointment.  Then hopefully later on manicure and pedicures with the girls.  Makes you feel better to do something nice for yourself.  Tomorrow we have an Irish Festival we are going to try and attend at Hofstra University.  It usually has quite a few vendors, food and music and gets you in the mood for St. Patricks day! Hope everyone is doing well!  Don’t for get to spring ahead your clocks tonight 


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  1. The cruise sounds like so much fun!! What a great idea!! I hope you all have a wonderful time.
    I also hope everyone is feeling better? Have a nice day. ((BIG HUGS))!!


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