Thursday, March 15, 2012

Skate Night

Went to skate night with Kaylee at United Skates.  It was for all the graduating 5th graders this year at her school.  They all wore their t-shirts and skated with their friends and had pizza, played games and just had a blast.  

Kaylee all ready to roller skate

I only ended up staying a little while.  For some reason or another, my medication did not agree with me.  My prednisone does a number on my joints and makes me feel like if I even walk or bend I am going to break something.  It was terrible.  Alan thankfully was nearby at our store so he came and stayed with Kaylee for the rest of the evening so I could get home and rest.  I am happy I was able to go for the little bit and get some pictures of her.  She was so busy buzzing around with her friends.   I feel a little better tonight.  Just have to put up with this for a few more days until I am completely weened off this awful medication.  It helps one thing but causes other problems.  What else is new?

Tomorrow, I am hoping to get to the store and get my St. Patrick’s Day dinner.  Pick out a nice corned beef and cabbage.  That is actually my daughter Brittany’s favorite meal.  Love cooking for my family and making nice dinners and I love making everyones favorite meals.  

Well off to bed! 


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  1. Awww Dawn, I love the pictures and it looks like everyone is having so much fun!!! Have a great weekend, you dinner sounds nice. Happy St. Patrick's Day!! ((BIG HUGS))!!


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