Wednesday, April 15, 2015

And It Continues Some More

Great Book Recommended to me by a good
friend.  Great Read for those of you who have
to learn how to distance yourself from toxic
people in your life.  I'm learning.
Well I guess I am a gluten for punishment since again I tried and try to make things cordial but now I get ignored. She sends me another letter on April 14, 2015 at 1:33pm telling me I am bullying her which I am not (she still didn't look up the word bullying).  

So here is the definition just so you have it clear....

Bullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuseintimidate, or aggressively dominate others.

Explain how I did that? Of course I didn't.  Nor would I. My blog since 2004 is a place I come to to write how I am feeling or about things going on in my life. This is how I express myself and I am the type that wears my heart out on my sleeve   So I replied.  Here is the letter.  I'm done trying to make things better.  She can continue to play her baby games and lie all she wants.

Her words are in black and my responses are in red.

Of course I have to break it down because I really don’t know how else to answer you.

you can post this as well because seriously Dawn. If you say you were kind then stop bullying me and stop obsessing over everything i write. (Again not bullying anyone you obviously haven't looked up the definition and you keep emailing me.) If you are going to tear apart every little thing so be it but come on......  It was one of brian's birthdays... you didn't show... end of story.. (I didn't just not show, I called you and explained the situation and so things come up that are out of our control. I can’t leave my crying children and I myself was visibly upset too. I am supposed to control the day my cat dies and you were the one who was so sure it was his first birthday I missed and I proved you wrong.  You know darn well I made sure I came over because I felt real bad about missing his second birthday but honestly that means nothing to you. How can you say I didn’t care.  How do you say that to someone and not think it hurts.  I had a communion party for Brittany did I get mad because you couldn’t come because you had Brian the week before…no of course not…things come up it’s life.)

You are his godmother and you have not even sent him a birthday card, whether or not we were friends or not so i consider him not having one at this point. (Yes another thing you did that was hurtful to me. You told me that you didn't want me as his Godmother that you chose your niece as his Godmother from now on and that it was a mistake to ask me and you want me to do stuff are you kidding. I always treated Brian nicely up until that point you told me you didn't want me as Godmother and you darn well know it.  As far as cards I sent you and Brian a Christmas Card this year.  Where was mine? And I'm not least I was trying.)

I had to do what I needed to do to get away from keith my way.. you couldn't understand that. ( But you didn't have to treat me like crap you just got very nasty with me and told me I was attacking you because your mother just died.  I was your best friend and you tell me your being abused and you want me to sit at home waiting for a phone call to tell me something awful happened to you.  Believe it or not I cared.  You took it wrong and that is not my fault.  I was only trying to help you because I didn't want to see you hurt or dead...god forbid…I was out of my mind with worry…you ask my mother that because she is the one who told me to intervene with you. Damn me for giving a crap about what happened to you but at least I tried) I am finally Happy with a man that treat brian so well, and his girls are amazing. I am finally HAPPY with a life that i should of had. (Yes,  You should be happy I said that to you time and time again.  I am happy for you and glad you found happiness with someone who will treat you the way you should have been treated all along.  Everyone deserves to be happy and have good relationships.)

We have gone in different directions and we don't have anything in common anymore. (How can you say that?  We went in what different directions. We have nothing in common WHAT!! 30+ Years nothing in common Really?? got mad at me for trying to help you out of a bad situation Alison) I don't want to fight and I seriously don't want to be accused of things i did not do.  (You don't want to fight but you started this whole thing.  You kept blocking me and unblocking me from stuff on your page constantly.  When I ask you you say I am attacking you.  You pulled this last August with the delete thing too.  Though that time you were nice about it.)Sean was posting about someone else seriously... i deleted your posts because i know where you were going with it... tell me thats a lie... ( Where was I going with it I believed you once again and then it is proven when you delete the post and block me again...what does that say about the games you were playing.  That was quite unnecessary as I did not do a thing to deserve that at all so that wasn't a lie)

Im asking you as a person to stop putting my name out there and slandering me. You are slandering because some of that stuff is justified.  (Yes it is justified your right and it is not slander if it is the truth)

My family is hurt  that you put my mom out there as a drunk and drug abuser. I showed it to them.. They are not happy at all and yes i do talk to them. we are closer now since my sister died. (I could care less what your family thinks of me...never really seen them your whole life and I wrote what the truth was and only explained it in a way that was to try to say why you have had a hard life.  You know that was the truth Alison you talked about it all the time)

Oh and yes, they put pumpkin down the same day. It was tuesday and it was at the shelter in wantagh. When i got there it was too late because pumpkin was declared sick and old and they couldn't adopt him out. (Then I apologize for that but it was the wrong thing to do as far as Keith was concerned with that)  As of little joe, i had to protect brian at the time but there is a police report on keith about abusing the animals. So no, you don't know everything. I loved those animals dearly and i was in a bad situation with Keith. ( I understand you were in a bad situation but you could have spoken up and got the cat back regardless of an abusive relationship would have to kill me to have any of my animals taken away from me and dumped like that) You don't know because you were never in an abusive relationship. You did side with him and was on the phone with him bashing me to him. ( Excuse me I never bashed you to him and YOU put me on the phone with him. I told you time and time again I didn't want to speak to him that I was your friend and I was on your side. I hated when you put me on the phone with him what did you want me to do being in the middle and then he told me his side of things. If you didn’t want me in the middle of it you should have never put me on the phone with him…it was wrong to do that.  Who does that anyways.  I never have.)He even commented on what a great friend you were. That hurt me deeply and this again stems from a picture of my mother being deleted which again wasn't.  (I have no idea what this statement means.)

I can go over this a million times.  I have no ill will towards you. I just don't want the fighting or bashing. Its very hurtful what you are doing. (It was hurtful what you did to me time and time and again and and then this time I was not doing anything but staying in my little quiet corner not doing anything to you and then I see you blocking and unblocking me then blocking me again for what.  Why would you do that? Why play games like that.  I get along with everyone on FB and don't have any problems with anyone.  You however had to start this not me.  I did nothing to you.  We had such a nice conversation and again I think things are fine between us but was still waiting when you were going to reach out and talk to me like you said you were but never did.)  Im asking as the kind person you say you are, please stop the posts of all the bad things i did. (Alison this has been a pattern with you over the years, everyone knew and saw it.  You really did some not so nice things to me that were truly hurtful and never cared or ever apologized for most of it especially the things I wrote about. So when you did this to me again what did you think I was going to do.) What about the good times we had?  we did have some good times as well...(Yes we did have good times, I know we did.  I really thought I had a friend forever with you.  You were always like a sister to me we knew each other so well.  I wish you would see that.  I never had any ill will towards you either.  Why do you think I would stand up for you when you told me that Keith was abusing you.  You know how much that hurt me for you to tell me I was attacking you.  I was going through my own issues at the time too with my own deep depression and anxiety.   That you would think I would hurt you but telling you I wanted to help you sent me to the point of never even cared about that.  That hurts so very deeply.  I was in therapy because of you and what YOU did with my family behind my back.  I never went behind your back and told your family personal things about you.  Are you sorry for that?  I am 45 years old I don't need this drama that's why I tried settling it with you last year.  I have all the posts from you from when I was away and you messaged me.  We left things very cordial. Why you couldn't leave it like that was beyond me.  Why when I asked you if you were blocking me and you know you were why did you do that.  What did I deserve at the time sitting in my quiet corner to deserve that.  It hurts...maybe it shouldn't but you have been a long part of my life and I am tired just plain tired of all of this. We didn’t have to be close friends but we still could have been friends on FB.  I’m sure you don’t see and visit every FB friend you have.  I know I don’t.  Some are just old school friends and even some family that live far away that I keep in touch with time to time.  Why you couldn’t just stay cordial is a mystery to me.  Maybe when you sit and think about that you will see what you did and this whole mess could have been avoided.  I just want peace in my life as I’m sure you do to.  We can go back to being cordial or not it’s up to you.  The ball is in your court.  If you want that I will be glad to take down my posts. 

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  1. I know I would rather be at peace with someone than angry with someone. She emails you and ignores you after you write this. It's her loss. I'm glad to call you a friend. Run don't walk away!


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