Thursday, April 30, 2015

New Central Air Conditioning Unit

New 30,000 BTU Hi-Efficient 16 Seer Air Conditioning Unit
A couple of weeks ago when we has a seasonably warm day, I went to put on our central air unit for the first time this spring. To my surprise no air was blowing out and we had to call the service man in to look at it.  After he looked things over he discovered that our air handler in the attic which was 32 years old had finally went.  It was disappointing but expected especially since it was so old.  Our out side unit was 12 years old and that was probably only going to last a few more years.  We talked to Elm Air and decided it was best to replace the whole unit.  It was costly $8300 but we were also going to get a EneryStar rebate back of $1000 for PSEG our electric company so that brought the price down a bit.  We also decided to install a AprilAir whole-air cleaner that would clean the air quality in the house of dust, dander, pollen, viruses, etc.  

April Air whole-air cleaner.
The new whole-air system was a great idea because it would definitely help with my asthma.  Plus instead of replacing filters every month like we used to have to do with our old system the new system only requires you to change the filter once a year.  The filters are only $49.  So not bad.  My husband can even do that himself. 

We've had the unit installed yesterday and they were here from 8:30 am until just before 5pm installing it.  They even put in a new digital thermostat that we can use to schedule when we want our system to go on and off.  I have had it running since yesterday and the house is a nice comfortable 70 degrees.  It is nice to be able to close the windows a bit because of my allergies and I don't have to worry.  I am happy though this happened at a time when it wasn't hot out.  Looking forward to a nice cool summer!

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