Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Oh It Never Ends With Her Lies Continue

Leave it to her to continue.  Telling me I am slandering her.  Oh and bullying her.  Is she for real. Yeah slander is if you are telling lies.  I am telling the truth and my experience with her so NO it is not slander. She obviously doesn't know what the word means or has failed to do her homework.  She is full of lies.  She didn't like what I wrote...too bad if the TRUTH actually hurts.  But as I swear on my children this is how she has been my whole 30+ years of knowing her.  Yesterday I get an email from her.  (see below) Telling me that I wasn't invited to her baclorette party because I didn't have money...HA really?  Then she tells me and I quote from her "One thing is for sure, it was your godson's first birthday party and your mother offered to watch the cat for an hour." which is wrong but will explain more later. See my letter to her below...that will make another one of her lies come to light.  She didn't even have her info right. It was because I had to stay home because my cat was dying that day and ended up passing away that day.  She says I'm not a nice person.  Who could put up with her for so long and not be considered nice.  Then she tells me all I want is attention? Huh??

On Apr 13, 2015, at 8:06 AM, alison wrote:  My comments are in blue.

This will be the only response from me. What you are doing is straight out bullying and it will not be taken lightly.  (Oh really bullying...I don't think so. Look up the word) You have disgraced my mother on that blog and she isn't even alive to defend herself. You have used my NAME in your blog which is slander. ( Slander is only if you are telling lies and making up stories...I certainly don't have to do that with you. I disgraced no one just told the truth) you only know half the story about most of those things. (Oh really, enlighten me please)  Pumpkin, yeah i went to the pound Dawn, it was too late. (Yeah because you left him there for a week. If my husband dropped my cat off at the pound behind my back, which he would never do I would have went there the same day to get my cat back not wait a week. That is why you cat is dead!!)  You want to side with Keith go right ahead. (UM NO Never Did)  He abused myself and Brian and we are free of him now. ( Gee that's why I offered your a place to stay and then proceeded to tell me I'm attacking you.  I was only being kind to get you out of a bad situation and that is how you treat me.) You destroyed our friendship when you defyed me and told keith everything and posted the most personal stuff on twitter about me. (Yeah I talked to Keith after you put me on the phone with him over and over again, seriously you put me in the middle of all your fights with him.  I looked back on my twitter I don't see a thing your even talking about...more lies from you)  A friend doesnt do that. I've been done with you for a long while and kept you at arms length. (Really that's why you told me to leave it in the past and move on and we would get together and talk and we had a very lovely conversation in August while I was on vacation but you lied about that too) I saw what you did to your family members and I see what you did to me.  ( You have no clue about my family members. I have great relationships with them you emailed them behind my back what a friend you are, lucky they don't believe anything from you either...they've seen the hurt you've caused on me for 30+ years) You are not this kind person you play out to be Dawn and others see right through you, trust me! (Oh no Alison, I've only ever been there for you for everything...lending you money, giving you a place to stay when you lived in your car, Paying for stuff for you, Being there for you when your own family wanted nothing to do with you including your own mother, Paying for your bridal shower, pre-wedding festivities...hmm how nice can I be to accept all your lies for 30+ years and what others see right through me?  Seriously...please)   I never said anything bad about you on FB, the stuff that was posted wasnt even about you, you ASSUMED it was. (Yeah you keep telling that story.  So when I wrote something nice on the post because you said it wasn't about me it gets deleted and me blocked again..really Alison I am not stupid.) Believe what you want to believe in your head of yours. Im done... (Well I couldn't be more done with you and your lies)You are right up there with Keith.... (I am no where like Keith, I do not abuse people) Oh, as for my bacholorette party? you kept complaining that you didnt have money so that is why karen and mary didn't ask you.  (Really I have no money who paid for all your wedding shower and pre-wedding day festivities and I always had money and still do...Where do you get your material?) One thing for sure,it was your godson's first birthday party.and your mother offered to watch the cat for an hour.. (Oh for sure!! Right another lie!! I was at your son's first birthday and have pictures to prove it, get your facts straight and stop your lying some more...I guess you believe your lies so much you actually believe them as truth) You left a cat in your bathtub in pain while you had a party yourself at your house and boy did people comment on that.  (My cat was sick with a stomach virus not in pain and put herself in the bathtub.  She could of jumped out anytime she wanted. Should I stick my cat out on the street like you do with your pets when you don't want them) Stay away from me, don't contact me. Just move on with your life. (Um you contacted me. And for what to tell me more lies. I'm am more than glad to move on and be rid of the toxic friendship we had there are only so many times you can lie.)  Remember any friend I had, you always had an issue with.  ( Who Maria, Karen they were not nice people and I will explain in letter below) So i dont think it was me. (Oh it was you alright.  You just keep telling your lies some more) Till this day I still talk to Maria and she has been really supportive and kind.  ( How exciting for you...she doesn't or will never know you like I do.)

Im not going to post this stuff on fb because again that is stooping to a level that is so low and I dont need to justify myself.  (Ummm you already did that.  I never did like you did.) People know how you are and just walk on eggshells.  (Oh really who are these so called people you speak of because you have no clue.  No one walks on eggshells around me ) You are all show and constantly need attention. (Really all show for what and when do I need attention?)  Go away and go be happy with your friends and family and leave me alone...... at 45 im done.  ( I'm 45 and happily married 23 years to an amazing man and have wonderful kids and friends who don't lie to me like you did....you should be ashamed of yourself and should be sorry for all you have done.  But Karma has played you the right hand in life!! You got what you dished out to me 10 fold.  Poor you!)
Then this is the reply I wrote back to her.

To Alison:

This will be the only response to me since you can’t get your stories straight. I really don’t know what the heck is wrong with you.  Bullying…far from it. Do you even know what the word means?  First off…it isn’t slander if it is the truth.  You know darn well it’s the truth.  I have family that will back me up in a second with all the things you have done to me that I wrote about.  So you go on about your slander and I will post what I know as the truth.  Don’t like it don’t read it.

I din’t disgrace anyone on that blog it was the gods honest truth. Your not good at telling the truth.  Never have been.  My parents saw things that happened to you and were there to pick up pieces too when needed for you and so was I.  You can’t deny that.  How about when your mother was so drunk my parents had to come over your house because you didn’t know what to do.  You told me yourself that your mother abused prescription pills and doctor shopped. 

I told Keith what on twitter? I was never friends with Keith on twitter? So don’t know what you’re talking about.  Remember you put me in the middle of your fights with him.  I could give a crap about Keith.  I told you I know what he did but you stuck me on the phone with him and he told me his side too.  So if you didn’t want me to hear it you should of never put me on the phone with him. You always put me in the middle of your fights. I always told you I didn’t want to hear what he had to say that I didn’t want you in that situation of abuse…I offered you a safe place but when I say that you tell me I am attacking you.  Plus you went behind my back and sent personal emails to my family.  Who does that? huh!!  I was told all about that and what you were doing and it wasn’t very nice what they thought of you for doing it. It just showed them how petty you were. You know nothing about my family and our relationships. I have great relationships with my family.  They have finally seen through you.  My own mother has had enough of you.  She was disgusted at what you did….through out our whole friendship.  She never understood why I stayed friends with you when all you did was be hurtful.

I don’t even know what you are talking about.  You kept me at arms length.  I was trying to be nice to you last August I tried to talk to you nicely and we actually had a good conversation.  I was on vacation and took time to talk to you because I knew what a hard time you were going through after your sister passed.  I told you leave the past in the past and you said we would get together and talk when things calmed down after I got back from vacation.  Did you reach out.  No another lie by you. But surely you did not want to do that and had to create this problem.  Why would you do that?  So why say one thing and then say you kept me at arms length.  Do you see how you lie?

Then you pull your crap with the blocking and unblocking.  All I did is ask you a question as to why you were doing it and and I am attacking you.  Give me a break.  You know I am not stupid.  I know how fb works…other people saw your posts you were blocking me from.  You know the truth but that is something that always eluded you.  One minute I see something and the next you have me blocked.  Then you unblock me so I can see what your boyfriend wrote. Then I post a nice comment on it…because you said it wasn’t me and  again I believe your lie and you delete it and block me again.  Alison what was with the baby games seriously.  Your 45 years old for gods sake.  I had not done anything to you at all we barely talked.  I didn’t understand why you would do that.  Do you realize you started that. I never thought there was anything wrong since we talked in August. 

As far as my cat Mandee who I had for 18 years.  Again I would never leave my cat as she ended up dying that day not even for an hour she was that bad. My mother never said she would stay with her for an hour and you can ask her that personally.  She and my father came by my house to sit with me as my cat laid dying in my arms and everyone in my house was very upset and crying.  Would you leave you son to go to a birthday party if he was upset his pet was on his death bed and he was crying?  I think not. I was not going to leave my 18 year old cat.  Plus it was not his first birthday it was his second birthday.  I have pictures of me at his first birthday party.  I also made it up and came by that same week. You darn well know that because I felt bad.  Also not the same cat that was in the bathtub who was sick that day when I was having a party that was Misty my other cat.  She was only in there because she had the runs the day before and was sick.  Everyone I know knew and understood that. So I have no idea again what comments people were saying…because you are full of crap. What would you think I should have done with her toss her out like you do with your pets. My family all have had pets who we actually cared for who have gotten sick before.  She actually bounced back the next day after that party.  That is where the cat put herself.  Cat’s put themselves in strange places when they are sick.  She could have jumped out of a bathtub it she wanted to.  So you believe what you want as you say to me. I care for my pets and take care of all of them unlike you.  You just toss your pets to there death.  Did you save Little Joe from being dumped at the dumpsters and then not speak up and say what Keith did when the cops came to your door.  Cats are also not put down right away…you left Pumpkin there long enough that he was put down.  Nice pet parent you are.

Here is the picture of me and your son at his FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY THAT YOU SAY I WASN’T THERE FOR.  It’s even date stamped!! My sister Lisa and Darren in the background with my mother.  I have a picture of his first cake too!! See how you LIE!!  You need to look back and see what was really done for you.  You make up stories to suit you and you can’t understand why I have had enough of you and your lies.


As for your bachelorette  party.  How are you to assume I had no money.  I have always had money. You could have asked. You never did.  You are the one who said they just planned it and excluded me but you didn’t want to tell me. Nice.  How would Mary or Karen know I would not have money to go unless she asked me? They asked everyone but me. You knew what was going on.  Great best friend you were to me who was your matron of honor.  You lied and kept that from me. Your friend Karen threw it in my face and smiled and was very snarky about it. You wonder why I didn’t like her.  You have no idea how my whole family were all going to leave your wedding that day because of that. You were wrong and you damn well know it.  Your lucky I stayed and even still gave you a nice toast.  David was there he knows exactly what they did in that limo.  For gods sake I and my mother are the ones who PAID for your bridal shower and wedding day pre-festivities that your own mother didn’t even want to be a part of. Wonder why? You forget you had a family that was there for you when no one else was. That you used!!  Oh and as for money  I have always had plenty of money and still do.  We have a very successful business that affords us all we need and want.  How might I have paid for all of that for you.   I didn’t see your bridal party chipping in for anything for any of that. My mother and I paid for it all!!  Where were your bridal party to help…no where!! Karen was too busy having her nails done the day of your bridal shower to help with anything.  Where was everyone else? As for your wedding day they couldn’t even have their dresses pressed for the day of the wedding.  Making my poor mother have to press out dresses on the day of the wedding because your bridal party would of walked down the isle looking like rag pickers otherwise in wrinkled dresses.  You even realize how lucky you were that you had a family that was there for you when your own family mother and sisters wouldn't do anything for you.  You know how used my mother feels about that.  Especially after what transpired the day of the wedding…that was down right wrong.

Who gives a crap about Maria.  She was nasty to my mother and so were you that day.  How dare you bring her to my parents home and have her start with my mother.  You wonder why I didn’t like her.  You had some nerve.  You think people are your friends.  I know a few who knew exactly how you were acting again when they saw your posts and contacted me.  Oh and keeping Carol and my Aunt Frannie as your friends.  Why bother.  You deleted everyone else. Don’t worry they tell me everything.  Remember they are my family not your friends.

Your not going to post things on FB….Seriously  you did that already…you know it and I know it.  Your boyfriend did it.  He said to say anything to him anytime to his face well I welcome him to come on over because I have plenty to tell about how not nice you have been to me.  I've know you a lot longer than he has.  No one walks on eggshells around me either.  So don’t know where you get your material.  I need attention…attention for what?  I had done nothing to you.  You started this not me.  I asked why and you tell me I am attacking you.  All I ever said to you that I wished you would be happy.  I am happy you found someone who treats you nice for a change.  Why you started this pettiness is beyond me.  I am too old for your games you play when it suits you.

By the way I am very happy.  I have a great life. Got a great husband I have been with over 26 years.  Got great kids who are happy.  Why don’t you learn to have a happy life for once instead of hurting others for a change. You always were the one with the terrible life with everyone who treated you badly.  Maybe that is Karma Alison.  You got treated a certain way in life because that is how you treated others and me.  You wonder why you had such a hard life.  I can only feel sorry for someone like you.


So keep it coming Alison because I can back up my truth to your lies any day any time! How I put up with you for so long I think makes me nicer than anyone could possibly be.  I know who I am and I was raised right to be caring, compassionate and loving.  Something you did not know how to be.

Have a good day!

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  1. I can't believe how much this person lies to you and she was a friend of yours for how long 30 years you say. Your right you can only feel sorry for someone like that. Hurting others is not nice. Oh and I love how she said you weren't at her sons 1st birthday but you had the proof to back it up! Good for you. Take care. Be rid of her once and for all.


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