Monday, April 6, 2015

Alison Carnacchio - Old Friends are Nasty Friends!!

You think I should have learned my lesson when it comes to her.  She is at it again!  Blocking, unblocking blocking and denying it all.  Oh and unblocking me so that I could see the trashing of me on FB.  See below for post from FB before I was blocked again.
This is what her boyfriend wrote that she said wasn't about me, but then when I posted a nice comment on it when she told me it wasn't about me it got deleted and I got blocked from her post again.  See the games she plays.  Sean I will tell it to your face any day any time just tell me when.  You haven't known her like I do.
Then this is what I wrote to her when she said it wasn't me only for it to get deleted and then me blocked from the post again!  She lies so much it isn't even funny anymore.
Oh and telling me it had nothing to do with me when it so did.  Lying again and again!! So I asked why?  All I did was ask why she was doing that and I get why am I attacking her?  What are you serious!! What could be so wrong with her?  She has done such horrible things to me since we were kids.  If I actually had to start making a list it would go on and on.  My mom always said she was trouble and I should have listened.  Like the time she brought a girl named Maria to my house and started with my Mom on our front stoop.  My mother had to yell at her and tell them all to leave or she would call the police. She is a very mentally unstable person.  How she gets though her life lying over and over again is unreal.  At this point in my life I am done with her nonsense.  I am too old for her games she has played with me throughout me life.  My family has had enough of her nonsense.  They are done being used for her needs.  She used my parents... we hosted her wedding, bridal shower, etc.  Then on the way to her wedding only for me to find out her friends throws in my face that she had a bachelorette party and I was not invited.  How does a best friend do that to someone.  She didn't even tell me. I was her Matron of Honor. How I even stood up for this outrages bitch of a girl was beyond me.  I ignored her most of her wedding because of it. What me and my family really wanted to do was leave the wedding. I am even surprised I was able to give a wedding toast to her that was rather nice.

Oh let's go on to another time.  Lets talk about my cat dying one day that happened to be her son's birthday and she blamed me for not coming to the birthday party because I had to stay home with a cat I had for 18 years who I wasn't going to leave home to die by herself.  By the way I made that up to her son by stopping by that week with Brian's gifts.  Did she care no.  She threw it in my face that I wasn't there for her son's birthday.  Who would actually leave there dying pet to go to a birthday party.  No one....but I guess she would.  She actually had a cat who was a sweetheart of a cat named Pumpkin...her husband didn't like him so he brought him to a kill shelter....he wasn't adopted with in a week or so and Alison didn't care to go get the cat especially since her husband did it behind her back...she let the cat be put down to it's death.  She also let her husband put another cat out on the street by dumpsters....and just throw it out of the house. They actually got reported by some one and cops came to door to ask them if it was their cat and they lied and said no.  Did she do anything. Did she open her mouth to help this poor cat who was her pet. NO!! I feel sorry for any pet she has now.   God forbid...if she doesn't care anymore the pets going to be put down or thrown out.

My 21st birthday...oh that was a doozie.  Alan my husband was throwing me a surprise birthday party and asked her who was my best friend to invite family and friends to the party....well the day the party one was at the room he booked not one person!! Alan was fuming.  He called her who also wasn't even there and she replies with oh no one wanted to come.  Oh really...not one person got an invite after Alan had asked around.  Also my family never even knew about it.  I told Alan I couldn't believe he even asked her to do the inviting because she was so irresponsible.   She didn't even care.  She didn't even apologize to Alan who lost $500 deposit!!  How do you do that to someone who is supposed to be your best friend.

My wedding...ha...she didn't even show up to my bachelorette party.  To busy with a boyfriend to care to show up. Trying to get her to go for a fitting for a dress was nearly impossible and to pay for it what a joke I had to lay out money for that...she didn't even bother showing up for that.  Then the day of the wedding comes and she is late for the wedding...supposedly a tire blew and she didn't even call to have someone come get her.  Not to mention because she didn't get her dress fitted properly it ripped down the seam in the middle of the reception.  How embarrassing.

Oh and the best one yet is that she tells me she is in an abusive relationship with her husband and she tells me that she and her son are being abused physically and verbally by her husband.  So I ask because I don't want her in that situation..  do you need a place to stay...can I help you out.  You are welcome in my home and she tells me that I again am attacking her and that her mother just died....Then she emails my family and tells them nasty things about me.  All because I was trying to help her.  What's wrong with her!  Isn't that what best friends are supposed to do.  She screwed with me so badly at that point I almost committed suicide because of her.  That's how much she messed with my mind at the time.  Yes I deal with depression and anxiety but she wanted to blame her issues on me that I was mentally unstable..geeze I wanted to help her.  Did she care when I told her how I was feeling and what I almost did because of her behavior of course not...because if something doesn't suit Alison she doesn't care.  All she cares about is herself.  She likes to put on a show for everyone and make you think she is really nice but believe me 30+ years of knowing her she is not very nice.

This is just some of the stuff she has done. I haven't even said what she did to me in school.  Like the times she stole money everyday from her mother to go to the local gas station and buy candy so that she could give it out and make friends in school.  They only cared about her because she had candy.  I her best friend well she pushed to the side like crap.

I know I am babbling on and on... Let's not even mention all the times she put me in the middle of her marital fights with her husband.  Why put me there... She would actually put me on the phone with her husband to talk to him.   She lied so many times to me since I've know her  who knows maybe her husband wasn't so bad.  He told me she abused him too hitting him when he just had knee surgery...Nice huh.  Sweet girl...

The he blocking and unblocking thing in the I am computer illiterate really.  I knew what she was doing.  I knew she was playing games with me.  She is a sad pathetic immature woman...who in some ways never grew up my mother even agreed I should have dropped her as a friend a long, long time ago.  I knew her 30+ years.   Believe me when I say I can go on and on with story after story of the crap she has pulled.   Ask me why I continued to be friends with her I can't say.  Maybe I always felt sorry for her.  Her father died when she was young.  Her mother was an alcoholic and a drug abuser...but does that mean she is to treat others or me like garbage.   I thought we settled all this last August when again she deleted me just out of the blue...thought that time she didn't claim I was attacking her.  We talked nicely and I said lets just leave the past in the past.  Then a few days after her birthday this year after a whole year of barely saying anything to each other she just blocks me out of the blue and lies about it.  No I am not dumb.  She is dumb to think I am that stupid.  She goes and blocks my whole family.  This is a family that was nothing but ever nice to her throughout her 30+ years of knowing me.    This is how she acts... Not nice!!  She pretends to be nice.  When she is done using you she throws you away like a piece of crap.  I pity anyone who is friends with her.  Don't get to close because one day you will be lied to by her or hurt by her.  

If someone said do you trust her or should you trust her.  I would say no.  From my experiences and there are plenty more I have never found her trust-worthy. Take it from me!!  It can't be more of a toxic relationship than with her!!


  1. If this was me I would have cut this girl loose a long time ago when she screwed you over on your 21st birthday. How did you possibly stay friends with someone who could do that to you. I've had some of the same experiences with toxic friends. She sounded like one from the beginning.

  2. Cut the cord and dump her. As someone who knows the boyfriend/fiance or whatever they are now.... they love the drama. He actually feeds off of it. He surrounds himself with it.
    Anyone who is around them will get pulled in.

    1. Alison loves drama...she creates it all the time. Never met the new guy. Be very careful she lies so much. I seriously can't believe I let 30+ years of this continue. I did so much for her. My whole family did so much for her and she treated us like throw away trash! What did I get in return was inexcusable. I'm happy she is out of my life for good now. I'm sure she will just continue on hurting and playing her games as she does with whoever she is with.


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