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Poor Sophie Ana - Colitis Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Sophie Ana - 16 months old at Vet.
Sophie my youngest Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who is just 16 months old hasn't been feeling good the last few days she had diarrhea like she did once before in January.  We feed our dogs holistic dog food and cooked chicken everyday as we know most of the grocery store dog foods are very bad for your dog.  Some people don't check those ingredients and have no idea what they are feeding their dog can actually hurt them.  Cheap food is not good! So I knew it couldn't be anything to do with her food.  We keep the yard very clean so I knew she hadn't got into anything there either plus we have not ventured out to any dog parks yet this Spring and every shot is up to date with her.  We take care of our pets probably better than we do they are our babies.  So when  she got sick I started to worry.  Now back in January when she had this same problem.  The vet put her on probiotic to be put in her food and also changed her diet to a prescription low fat gastrointestinal diet and put her on medication just in case of infection and even gave her a preventative dewormer just in case they missed anything in fecal exam.  

Thursday, April 16, 2015, Sophie woke up with the same symptoms as she had January, I sprang right into action and decided to fill another prescription of the  gastrointestinal dog food and I had a half of a box still of the probiotic and began that morning of feeding her that.  I was hoping that would help her.  When I got nervous was later in the day when I took her out to go to the bathroom.  She had been straining while going to the bathroom literally for 5-10 minutes with nothing coming out...but this time there was actual blood in her stool.  I came right into the house and called Banfield Pet Hospital (Hospital in Pet Smart) who I have her on a pet wellness plan with.  They told me to bring her in right away to be checked out.  When we got there they saw us right away.  Her temp was normal but she was acting a little more poopy than normal.  The doctor decided that it would be best to run blood tests and a fecal test and a Giardia infection test (which is an intestinal infection caused by a microscopic parasite which can be picked up from unsafe water from outside).  We waited for the results of the tests to be run and thankfully everything was good.  The doctor came to us and said that Sophie was having what is called Colitis.  Colitis which is an inflammation of the large intestine, is responsible for half of all cases of recurrent or Persistent diarrhea in the dog. Inflammation of the colon lining prevents residual water from being absorbed efficiently, thus creating this common problem.  The doctor said it is common in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and she could have bouts of this from time to time.  So he said it was good that I started her back on the low fat gastrointestinal diet prescription food and the probiotic for now. He also gave her a dewormer to cover any other parasite that could have been missed during the fecal exam and she was also put on a medication to help with the inflammation of her intestines and to help with the diarrhea.   I was glad they took such good care of her.  Seeing that blood in her stool really scared me.

Best was since I have Sophie on the Pet Wellness program at Banfield Hospital the visit which should
Click for more info on Pet Wellness Programs
have cost $357 only ended up costing $57.  I have to say I am very pleased with Banfield Pet Hospital and the level of care they provide for my dogs.  Their Wellness programs are great.  I have my two other dogs on them too.  Love that it also covers a yearly dental cleaning for them as well and with multiple pets you get multiple discounts.  I can go to the doctor as many visits as needed and it is covered.  All their records are online too so whenever I need them they are there. Best investment I got for them and myself.  

I'm glad to say as of today, Sophie is doing much better.  Little to no more diarrhea and she is her playful old self again so her treatment is working.  She has 5 more days on the medication and if all goes well and she has no other symptoms then she will be fine unless she has another episode. I am hoping not though.  

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