Monday, May 25, 2015

In Hospital Again - Acute Asthma Attack

Had a horrible asthma attack and I am in Withrop University Hospital.  I couldn't breathe when I came in they did take me right away.  Started me on IV magnesium, that is after it took them three times to get a vein.   Then they gave me IV steroids which help some with the wheezing but I was still really short of breath.  They admitted me to 510 bed 1.  Stupid TV costs $7 a day it's all fuzzy and I get like 7 channels all the rest are screwed up.  This hospital sucks. Really need upgrading in rooms.  I knew I should have went to North Shore Hospital so much nicer.  Even Nassau University Medical Center is better.  It's real nice that they come and wake you up at 5:45 am to do vitals too but I guess that's anywhere. On the up side IV steroids have stopped my wheezing and calmed my coughing.

UPDATE May 26, 2015 :  Out of that horrid hospital that needs so much updating it's unbelievable.  Rooms, beds and pillows are a joke.  Maybe try some new paint and curtains that are falling down in the rooms. Also here's a major doozie.  I just found out from my x-rays that I had partially collapsed lungs from my asthma attack. Winthrop didn't even tell me this when I was in ER!!  How can they do that! They did this once before to me back in 2012 when I went to hospital with severe abdominal pain and they ended up sending me home only to find out that my cat scan showed I had a huge gallstone they didn't tell me about.  That I later had to have surgery to remove my gallbladder.   I would never go back to this hospital again.  It's a little further away from me but North Shore Hospital is much better.  Completely updated and a much nicer place to stay.  I couldn't wait to get out of Winthrop they even wanted me to stay longer and I was like no way.  Three days there was worse than 10 days I had to stay in North Shore Hospital.   Winthrop Hospital is horrible!!  Glad to be out of that place.

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