Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New Fence

Had our new fence installed this week by Nassau Fence Co.  They just finished today.  We had an old cedar fence we had up about 14 years.  It looked tired and worn.  So we decided to go with the PVC Lattice Fence.  Looks really good.  Plus since it is set in cement it is considered a capital home improvement. We are happy with it.  Here are some pictures.  I think it will help make the yard look nice when we replace our patio next year with pavers.  So much updating to do when you have a house.

We also had the sprinkler guys here today to do the turn on for our in-ground sprinkler system.  The grass is nice and green.  I have the Gardner coming in a week or so to plant some nice trees out front and put flowers all in the flower beds.  I'll take more pictures when that is done.

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