Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Please Help A Friend

People will let you down.  That's what my friend Jason said to me today as he removed himself from Facebook and emailed me as to why.  Yes there were people who came together and gave to help support him and his very sick little boy born with down's syndrome and now fighting for his life with leukemia.  He also said there were others and I know at least one of them (ex-friend now) who emailed him for his address and said they would send something and never did.  How cruel of a person do you have to be to do that.  If your not going to do something don't ask.  It's rude.  Why give them hope that you want to help and don't.

Now he has lost his job because of so many days off from work to be with his sick son and they have taken away his company car.  They just lost their electric and are hoping social services can help. Please he and his family really need the help.  I know he is too proud to ask so I am asking please help him if you can.   Any amount will help.  $1, $5 dollars.  Thank you!

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