Sunday, September 27, 2015

Meet Our Kitten Lilly Mae

After our loss of Ellie Mae last week, we were all so sad not having a cat in the house anymore.  My kids and I have been crying for days. Passing places she used to lay.  Missing her greeting us at the front door,  her talking to me and poor Kaylee was crying so much in school I had to pick her up.  Ellie Mae's passing left such a void for all of us. So we decided to honor Ellie Mae we would adopt another kitten who needed a home. We went to the Long Beach Humane Society.  What a nice place where they don't keep kittens and cats caged all the time.  They are free to run around and play and interact with everyone.  Very socialized.

When we got there and everyone was so friendly.  We told them we just lost our cat and we wanted another.  So they introduced us to many of the kittens and cats they had.  They said just let the cat or kitten come up to us...that we would find the right one. Well we finally spotted this sweet little girl.  She was playful and cuddly.  She is a 12 week old Calico tri mix.  She is adjusting nicely to our home.  She was a little scared of the 3 dogs at first but now they sleep with each other.  I even caught the kitten grooming the cute.  We are so happy with our new addition.   We know she will never replace Ellie Mae but she sure has helped us with our grieving.  Smiles are back on my children's faces and that makes me a happy Mom.  Welcome sweet "Lilly Mae"

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