Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Prayer's for Dad

I am asking everyone to please pray for my Dad’s (Robert Meissner's) healing. Keep him in your prayers and/or positive thoughts as he goes through a huge operation at St. Francis Hospital this morning to remove a cancerous tumor that has been growing; it is in a very challenging area. I also ask you to pray for the surgeon who will be operating on him that he is able to find and remove all of the tumor. Following he will have weeks of radiation and we pray for healing for anything the surgeon is unable to remove. 

My Prayer: Dear Lord, please heal my father. He needs to live Lord. He needs more time. He needs to be with my mother (Loretta Meissner) and his daughter’s (me, Lisa Meissner-Scherer and Michelle Meissner) and the rest of his family who love him so very much. He has been a very kind person his whole life. He loves to help others and always puts himself with the lowest priority. He has such goodness and a gentle and giving heart. Since he found out of his cancer he has constantly reminded all of us of our good qualities his hopes for us for the future and how very much he loves us and telling us he is going to fight hard to be here as long as possible…bringing us all to tears. Lord, he deserves to be here as long as he has comfort. Please Lord, place your healing hands over him. Heal him and give him a longer time with all of us…this because I only have one father in my life…and I can’t live without him in it. I have faith in you Lord. Amen. I Love You Dad Very Much.


::UPDATE:: 6:30PM

My Dad went into surgery around 10:40 this morning and due to high amounts of scar tissue the surgery took nearly 5 hours. The surgeon was able to get what he said to be all of the large tumor out. The smaller one the radiation should get when he starts radiation in a few weeks. He is now in recovery and was taken off the respirator. He is on a tube that goes directly into his back to help control pain so he is very out of it to keep him comfortable. He will be going to the ICU to be watched closely. My Mom is waiting to go see him as soon as they get him settled. Thank you for all your prayers and support today it is surely appreciated.

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