Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Saying Goodbye

Our 10 year old cat "Ellie Mae" has had a cancerous mammary tumor that exploded open to a huge open hole I could see right into her stomach.  Alan found her laying on the couch when he came home from UPS overnight shift.  Ellie Mae rolled over and there he could see the huge hole.  He ran in and woke me up.  We knew for a while she had cancer but your never really prepared for when the time comes.  It was 4:30 in the morning and I called the animal hospital and we rushed her right over. Unfortunately, there wasn't anything the doctors could do to the open wound being necrotic and severe except to give her pain killers to keep her comfortable. We  were so upset be we had to make the unfortunate decision to put her to sleep.  The place we went to was so nice.  They had a special grieving room and they let us sit in there for as long as we wanted holding her and saying our goodbyes.  David held her in his lap and just sobbed.  As I tried consoling him I couldn't fight the tears either.  She was so happy and content how could I be doing this to her. I really didn't want to.  It hurt so very much. If I could stop it I would but it wouldn't be fair to keep her in pain. Finally we rang the bell that signaled the doctor to come in and administer the medication to put her to sleep.  She gave me one last look as I watched the light go from her eyes.  We held her for a few more minutes and her heart stopped.  They took her away and took her paw print and put her name on it.  Then placed her in a small coffin we got home around 6:45 am and Alan and David buried her in the back yard with our other pets. Going to miss my sweet Ellie Mae. 
Love you!

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