Monday, January 25, 2016

Fun In Savannah, Georgia!

What a beautiful time Alan and I had in Savannah, Georgia. Got in on a Friday and they were able to check us into the hotel early which was nice. We got a room with a balcony at the the Hyatt Regency.  What a view...right on the riverfront! We went and had a nice breakfast and then walked around the city.  This was also the first time we left our kids home to fend for themselves.  Well David is going on 23 and Brittany is 17 and Kaylee is 15 so they are all pretty self sufficient.  Only thing that had us a little worried was that we were having the biggest snow storm of the winter Friday into Saturday.  They actually did really well.  David and Brittany shoveled and Kaylee held down the fort in the house...couldn't shovel due to recent wrist surgery.  I'm so proud of my kids!  I am so blessed.  Oh and that evening we went to Paula Deen's Restaurant.  Oh my that was yummy.  I am in her fan club so we got VIP Reservations.  The dinner was great and oh the dessert banana pudding was amazing! Alan liked her Southern Fried Chicken.

Saturday we woke up it was my 46th birthday so I was surprised by the two cards on the side of the bed.  A beautiful one from Alan....god I love him besides my Dad, he is the only other man in my life that has never let me down.  He takes such good care of me and our kids.  He cares for me so much. He just never wants to see me unhappy. I also had another card from my three kids with personal notes inside of them telling me what a special and good mother I am.  I actually cried.  They may drive me crazy at times but they are so good hearted.  We did a little sight seeing again and then went back to the hotel to get dressed for our Riverboat Cruise.  We got there and there were balloons on the table and a rose for my birthday.  The waiter bought us a nice bottle of Champagne.  Alan doesn't drink but I ended up drinking the whole bottle.  lol.  We had a great time. 

Sunday was nice we went and did a private carriage ride and toured the city.  The buildings were so nice and it is nice how they kept the town.  It is in its own way a very artsy town since there is an arts college there.  I think David would have loved that.  After our tour we walked down on the Riverfront and checked out some shops.  I like how while you in Savannah you can drink 16oz of alcohol and walk around with it in public.  Not many places you can do that.  My favorite drink was a Georgia Peach! Yum!  Can't count how many of those I had.

Monday we got up early being it was our last day.  We did lots of walking around and went to the famous Leopold's Ice Cream god that was so good.  We had the best lunch we both had turkey, bacon and lettuce sandwiches on the best bread I've ever tasted.  Alan then had homemade coffee ice cream and I had a small cup of coconut was amazing.  After we walked back the the hotel.  We had a late check-out at 2pm so we left the bags with the concierge.  We sat in the bar and had a few more drinks...had to have one last Georgia Peach.   Alan said to me he wasn't really sure he was going to like Savannah when I first booked this trip but he was pleasantly surprised at how much of a great time he had and was already talking about coming back next year.   So since I don't really celebrate my birthday with a cake and all anymore guess I'll be booking another trip back who knows maybe for my birthday next year!

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