About Me

I am a 40 year old stay-at-home Mom of 3, David 17, Brittany 11 and Kaylee 9. Married for 19 years to my best friend and love Alan. We also have 2 dogs Molly Grace 2years old, and Bella Joy 6 months old both who are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. We have 2 cats; Misty and Ellie Mae and 4 fish! We live on Long Island. Though I long to one day live in the country. I enjoy baking, scrapbooking, creating invitations, cards, blogging and working on decorating my home in a cozy country style.

  1. Born in Flushing Hospital on a Friday, January 23, 1970.
  2. Turned 40 in January 2010.  Not as bad as I thought!
  3. I am Irish and German and a touch French Canadian
  4. Have a huge family, many cousins, Aunts and Uncles.
  5. I am the oldest of three girls.
  6. I have Asthma
  7. Have very caring parents who are always there for me and my family.
  8. I am a Mom of 3 beautiful children one boy and two girls and one little angel who I miscarried in March of 1998.
  9. My oldest, my son was bon on my husbands birthday in 1993.  Awesome present huh!!
  10. My middle daughter loves painting and art.
  11. My youngest daughter was born with congential heart disease. Two open heart surgeries and she is doing wonderful and is a bright, happy little girl who loves basketball!
  12. We have 2  dogs who are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels; Molly Grace age 3  and Bella just 7 months.
  13. We have 1 cat Ellie Mae who is 5 years old.
  14. We have a 75 gallon fish tank with African Chiclids.  
  15. Love country decorating
  16. Love the Apple Products. Have a 27" iMac, iPad 3G and an iPhone.
  17. Enjoy taking pictures with my Canon Rebel EOS Xsi
  18. Used to live in Flushing, Queens
  19. Moved to Woodside, NY when I was in 1st grade.
  20. Was attacked by a cat at age 5 (not a happy memory)
  21. Went to Corpus Christi Catholic School from 1st - 4th grade
  22. Moved to North Massapequa in 1980 (middle of 4th grade)
  23. My first pet was a dog named "Cindy"
  24. I had a bird as a child named "Happy"
  25. Wear Estee Lauder makeup
  26. Love roller coasters...the more loops the better!!
  27. I used to be a brownie and a girl scout
  28. Favorite restaurant is Milleridge Inn
  29. Favorite meal is Yankee Pot roast.
  30. I remember having great times sledding as a kid
  31. Had a big wheels as a kid
  32. My first bike was red
  33. I love spending a nice quiet evening with my husband
  34. Like scrapbooking
  35. I believe in never giving up 
  36. I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior
  37. My favorite season is fall.
  38. I like decorating the house for fall
  39. I love comfortable clothes jeans, t-shirts, etc.
  40. I have always been very shy but I have gotten better now that I am older.
  41. I hate doing laundry
  42. I do love to vacuum
  43. I find it very hard to stay organized with 3 kids.
  44. I had my appendix removed in 1990
  45. I had my tonsils removed as an adult (2008) at 38 and wow that was a painful recovery.
  46. I have been camping twice in my life but would love to go again.
  47. My favorite comfort food is tuna fish on an onion bagel.
  48. I don't like shopping unless I know what I am going for.
  49. I love the beach.
  50. I like primitive artwork
  51. I have my bedroom decorated in a colonial theme
  52. Would love to live in a center hall colonial home
  53. My favorite colors are country blues, greens, yellows, and burgundy.
  54. The furthest I ever drove was to South Carolina
  55. Favorite play I ever saw was "Wicked" on my 40th Birthday 
  56. Worst play I ever saw was "Beauty and the Beast"  think Debbie Gibson ruined it for me. 
  57. I have seen other plays.  "Nine" with John Stamos, Mary Stuart Masterson and Eartha Kitt, also Lion King which used to be my favorite.
  58. Been to Disney World 4 times and Disneyland once.
  59. Favorite Disney character is Pluto.
  60. I learned to type in High School
  61. My favorite subjects in high school were biology and earth science.
  62. I enjoy wood crafts
  63. I only like quilts on my beds.
  64. I have a rooster theme in my kitchen 
  65. I like roosters!
  66. I LOVE my family and cherish them with all my heart.
  67. MORE COMING...WORK IN PROGRESS....Hard thinking of 100 things off the top of your head...


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